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  • Do you need advice on your business on how to utilize the use of information technology to meet your company’s objectives?
  • Do you need help on a one time project basis where the need for regular employment is not required?
  • Do you need help in Outsourcing your IT requirements?

IT Consultancy at Warduz Solutions is focused on Three Basic Principles:


  1. Building a Long Term Business Relation - Trust and Honesty is our main qualities in building a long term business relation with you. You can be sure that we will give you a fair price for all your service requirements. We will only tell you what we can do and not give false hopes and promises that are not feasible and beneficial for your company. We always aim for simplicity because it always gives good results.
  2. Planning and Visualizing your Success - Together we will plan and visualize your success. We will be honest in telling you what we can and can’t do. We will tell you what your company will be after implementing the IT Solutions that we suggest. We can do the planning by telling us how much are you willing to spend and we will give you a solution that will fit with in your budget. Or we will lay our plan of IT Solutions and tell you how much we will spend on it. Either way it will be effective and beneficial for both of us.
  3. Giving Advice and Honoring your Decision – At the end of the day the decision is still yours, we are only here to give you honest and effective advice, you will still be the one to decide if you want it on your company or not.


Price Range: First Consultation is FREE! Succeeding Meetings will be charge from Php 350.00 to Php 500.00 maximum of 4 hours