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The whole town of Las Pinas which lies south of Manila was once under the St. Joseph Parish with the parish church located at Barrio E. Aldana.  Once known for its salt beds and the famous Bamboo Organ, las Pinas became, at the turn of the century, the town center or bayan where the seat of government, the market, the police station, a hospital, and the church were all clustered together.  Beyond the town center and the historical battleground that was Barrio Zapote was nothing but a vast field of cogon grass.


People migrated to the south after the war and subdivisions and villages began to sprout within the area.  However, transportation was scarce and people who lived far from the Church of St. Joseph oftentimes failed to fulfill their spiritual needs.


This need for spiritual nourishment was soon answered by a proliferation of chapels within villages.  Some time later, when the Holy Family Parish was established in BF Almanza which was close to Talon, its new parish priest, Fr. Ernesto Joaquin, took in these chapels including the Sto. Nino Chapel in Moonwalk.  This site was later chosen to house the new church to be built in honor of Mary Immaculate.


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