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SKAFF started business in 1997 under the corporate name Dumalag Corporation. It was organized to supply primarily the mining industry with consumables and equipment. After two years, the company diversified into the Solar Power Generation business. And after another two years, the company went into construction and metal fabricaion. As the company continued to grow, it was decided to incorporate another company SKAFF EXIMPORT AND SERVICES to handle the construction and trading business. Solar Power business remained as the core business of Dumalag Corporation.


From a staff of our (4) persons, SKAFF has grown into a medium-sized business with a staff of fifty (50) regular employees. The workforce grows to two hundred (200) persons and more, as the project demand.


Today SKAFF is serving all the mining companies in the Philippines with equipment and supplies such as Mineral Processing Equipment, Pumps, Cap Lamps, Grinding Balls from China; Rock Bolts, Assay Furnance and Crucibles from Australia; Crushing equipment from Vietnam; Engineering and Construction Services by our local Staff.


With the growing Philippine Mining industry, SKAFF is envisioned to become the supplier of choice by the major Mining Companies.



For more info please visit www.skaffinternational.com website.